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Three Phase Transformers

Available sizes 1 KVA - 150 KVA

Step down Australian voltage to suit your equipment requirements. Normally supplied with a sheet metal enclosure (indoors rated IP23).

Common voltages include:

415 to 200 V
(Equipment from Japan)

415 to 220 V
(Equipment from USA)

415 to 380 V
(Equipment from China)

415 to 400 V
(Equipment from Europe)

Custom voltages available, made to order

  Custom designed to your specifications.
  Australian made.
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Standard features - Options -
  • Isolated windings
  • High quality varnish
  • Terminal blocks
  • Universal mount brackets
  • Cool running
  • 3 years warranty
  • Extra voltage taps
  • Earth screen
  • Additional windings
  • Enclosure
  • High temperature class
  • Double Insulation
All our three phase transformers are designed to run well below maximum temperatures, allowing for high efficiency and minimal losses.
High quality copper, steel and insulation used on all transformers.
- Indoor and outdoor rated enclosures available
- Custom made zinc-anneal mild steel or stainless steel 316
- Powder coating to your specified colour
- Custom sizes and features available upon request
Enclosure sizes
Three phase transformers for imported equipment
Run three phase imported machinery from 415V Australian mains power

Custom made three phase units:

1KVA - 150KVA

Open style or enclosed

These units convert three phase voltage allowing you to power imported equipment from Australian 3Ph 415V mains power.

We custom manufacture three phase auto and isolation type transformers, suitable for stepping up or stepping down any international voltages.

  • Ideal for import / export machinery
  • Suitable for all types of equipment
  • Durable powder coated steel enclosures
  • Many configurations available with plugs and outlets

An example would be a machine imported from China, three phase power in China is 380V, here ours is 415V. In this case a three phase step down transformer (415V - 380V) would be needed to run this machine.

Other common voltages include:
3 Phase Voltage Input
3 Phase Voltage Output
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Calculating the correct VA rating for a 3Ph transformer

Before ordering a three phase transformer, first we need to determine the rating of your equipment. This will normally be marked on the back of the machine, on a rating plate, or in the instruction manual. It will be given as Amps (A) or Watts (W).

Now, we multiply the Amps by the voltage and then by (square root of 3), ie. 220V x 10A x 1.732 = 3810VA (This is the most reliable method for calculating total input power).

However, sometimes only the Watts are given, in this case we divide Watts by 0.85, ie. 5000 W / 0.85 = 5900VA approx.

With the correct equipment rating in VA, you can confidently order a transformer to suit. In most cases, a three phase transformer will be hard wired to the machine (ie. no plugs or sockets). Always get a qualified electrician to do the wiring.

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