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Step Up Transformers
You'll need a step up transformer if you're taking Australian equipment overseas
Run your Australian equipment on overseas mains power
Highest quality step down transformers in Australia

We custom manufacture step up transformers, suitable for stepping up from international voltages, to Australian power 240VAC.

These transformers usually made to order, so there are many options avaiable. We are able to supply units with or without mains leads and plugs.

110V step up to 240V - Australian Made - 5 year warranty
Manuafactured to Australian standards AS61558.1

These smaller units look similar to our step down transformers.

However, the step up transformer has a US mains plug and Australian 240V outlet.

Part No.
Size (LxWxH)
1000 VA
1650 VA
2200 VA
* Note: the 2200VA has a 20A US plug
* Add 40mm to height for handle
  • Heavy duty design, manufactured in Australia
  • Suitable for commercial / industrial use
  • Input voltage 110V, US mains lead and plug 15A or 20A
  • Output voltage 240V, Australian outlet
  • Continuous rated (capacity for 24/7 usage)
  • Double wound transformer, fully isolated output
  • Interwinding earth screen (filters out interference)
  • Heavy duty metal enclosure, grey powder coat finish
  • Fused on input side
  • Carry handle, rubber feet
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Larger step up transformers
Custom made to suit your requirments
Part No.
Size (LxWxH)
3000 VA
280 x 180 x 250
4000 VA
280 x 180 x 250
5000 VA
330 x 190 x 300
6000 VA
330 x 190 x 300
These larger units are usually made to suit your application. Contact us with your requirements and we'll send you a quotation.
Options available include:
  • Input voltages 110, 115, 120, 200V + more
  • Output voltages 240, 415V + more
  • Available as Auto (non-isolating) OR Isolation type
  • Heavy duty metal enclosure, grey powder coat finish
  • Fused on input and/or output
  • Many input / outlet plugs and sockets available
  • Optional heavy duty metal handles
  • Indoor / outdoor enclosures available
  • Custom made to suit your application
Common USA plugs we can fit to our step up transformers (+MANY more)
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>> Three phase transformers
Calculating the correct VA rating

Before ordering a step up transformer, first we need to determine the rating of your equipment. This will normally be marked on the back of the unit, near the power cord, or in the instruction manual. It will be given as Amps (A) or Watts (W).

Now, just multiply the Amps by the voltage, ie. 240V x 5A = 1200VA (This is the most reliable method)

However, sometimes only the Watts are given, in this case we divide Watts by 0.85, ie. 800W / 0.85 = 941VA

Now we have the equipment rating in VA, select a transformer slightly larger. ie. if your equipment is 1200VA, then you will need the 1650VA transformer.

Three phase transformers are calculated differently, please see our three phase transformers page.

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