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Auto Transformers

Available sizes 50 VA - 150 KVA

Common voltages for three phase units include:

415 to 200 V
415 to 220 V
415 to 380 V
415 to 400 V

Custom voltages available, made to order

We manufacture a range of auto transformers including -
  • Single phase auto transformers
  • Three phase auto transformers
  • Step up / step down
Auto transformers can be a more cost effective solution to stepping down / stepping up voltages.
The main advantage of the auto transformer is smaller physical size and therefor lower cost, compared to an isolation transformer.
Standard transformer (Isolation transformer)
Auto transformer
The auto transformer pictured (same physical size as the standard transformer) would have power handling capability 2-3 times that of the standard transformer.
Important -
  • Auto transformers do not provide isolation.
  • Neutral must be common.
  • Auto transformers are not suitable for a voltage difference of more than half - between input and output.
Options include -
  • Multiple voltage taps
  • High temperature class
  • Enclosure
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